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Q: Where can I find the different kind of models?

A: Under "Automation

Q: Is there general information about the product group?

A: Behind the respective symbol

Q: Where can I find the technical documentation?

A: Product information can be found by selecting the product under "Automation".

Q: How do I get to the online shop?

A: On the homepage there is a yellow button in the header, or at

Q: Can I change the language?

A: There is a drop-down menu at the top right of the header.

Q: I can't find the right customer model. How do I get it?

A: You can request the desired model by contacting the appropriate product expert. Unfortunately, we cannot add all the varieties of all our models to our homepage.

Q: I have further technical questions. How do I get my information?

A: You will find a technical description of the unit in the instruction manual. You will also find additional information on the products under "Further technical data". If you still have technical questions, you can contact the appropriate product expert.

Q: How do I order an underbody clamp?

A: Using an example inquiry (see data sheet) you send an RFQ to the sales department. The technical office will contact you for further technical clarification.